T boz dating dalvin

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Pebbles goes and talks to Tionne and Lisa who both tell her that they want Chilli to stay.Pebbles still insists on putting out an advertisement on the radio about the auditions to see if there is another singer who fits the vision she has for the group.During the rehearsal, Pebbles notices Chilli eying Dallas, who is producing some tracks for the album, and Lisa complains she is hungry whilst swearing.She pulls all the girls aside and tells them that they will not cuss or be "loose", this seems to rub Chilli and Tionne the wrong way, but they get back to work.Dallas chases Chilli into one of the sound booths and proceeds to kiss her.After re-entering the studio Pebbles sees the two lip-locked lovers and begins to reprimand the girls and Dallas for their behavior while she was gone.She calls her family only to learn that her father has been shot and killed, which causes her to begin drinking heavily in her grief.The film jumps ahead to a dance class where we see Rozonda Thomas (Lauren "Keke" Palmer) dancing.

The girls are then estatic when they hear "What About Your Friends" on the radio for the first time.Rozonda sees Pebbles walk in and talk to her teacher.She asks one of the other girls why Pebbles was there.She tells Dallas that she is uncertain what to do, despite her desire to be a mother, and Dallas says that he will support her in whatever decision she makes.Chilli decides that it's best that she get an abortion because of the fragile state her career is in.

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